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EM 1972 -1973

I eventually left the Navy in 1981 as a CEMN2 or WEMN as it had just become then. Unfortunately not many companies out in Civvy Street were in the market for a fully trained MRS3 maintainer and with a young family to think about I ended up in the police service, not that I regret one minute of my time, and finally retired in 2004.

Me and Ann, my wife, spend our time biking all over Europe and we are still pretty much involved supporting HM Forces as members of the Royal British Legion Riders Branch. The 2009 photo shows me and my 'Wing' at the muster point for the 2nd annual 'Ride to the Wall' in October, when 5,000 bikers rode to the National Memorial in support of our fallen comrades.


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After leaving Danae in '73 I soon met up with some old oppos from F47 who made our wedding day a bit different, hope they are still around somewhere. See photo, from left:- Dave Hilton, Jonah Jones, me and our lass, Pete Leishman, Scouse Worthington and Len Dower.


'Timeant Daneios'

'Let them fear those belonging to Danae'


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