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PO(M)1980 -1983

I joined Danae in April 1980 as a Petty Officer and took the job of Capt of the forecastle where I worked with the Gunners and the Royal Marines, I was also Routine's PO for some of the time. I was part of the Gunnery (Missile) Branch and lived in the fwd PO's Mess.

Whilst serving on Danae in August 1981  I got 'Tied up'  and quite a few of the lads came to Bristol for the wedding and 'p*** up'. Me and Julia  are still married to this day and our 28th wedding anniversary is in August 2009.  Our first child Charlotte was born in 1987, in 1989 our Son Matthew appeared and in 1995 much to our  surprise came our youngest, Abbie.

All this was some 20 odd years ago so please forgive me for not remembering all the names, although it wouldn't take much jogging to remember because  as I recall it was a great crew and I had some of my best times in the 'mob' with them, especially while we were part of  STANAVFORLANT in the West Indies. One particular time was when ..............

.......we were waiting at the mouth of the Mississippi, closed to shipping due to fog, then at around midnight the fog lifted 'special sea duty men' were closed up and we set off up the Mississippi at a scary rate of knots in the pitch black with all sorts of ships in line astern and coming towards. We went alongside in New Orleans at about 1 am and the 'Jimmy' piped leave.........just imagine...........10 days Sunday routine in New Orleans during the 'Mardi Gras'......... that's a memory.

I Left the 'mob' in 1985 and started a building company and lived in Plymouth. I moved my family back to my home town of Bristol in 1990 where we now live and I continue to work in the building trade. My company web site is  my personal website is I will update my page and the site at intervals to keep everyone informed of any changes and suggestion from any input received.

Some photos of My Family

the babies are the youngest of my nine granddaughter

Click on photo to enlarge

'Timeant Daneios'

'Let them fear those belonging to Danae'


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