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Paul Leslie Brown


Crossed the Bar 6th July 2013

Buster served aboard Danae as an LRO and became a Petty Officer RS.

Ray Lester PO(M) Danae1980 - 1983

I remember Buster as a fun loving member of the PO's Mess, he always joined in the many 'Parties' we had, never heard him complain and seemed to enjoy his job. Rest in Peace Shipmate and sincere condolences to your Family.

Calm Seas and Fair winds now you are at rest.


RIP Old Ship Mate I was the Comms LWEM(R)  81-84, spent many hours working together keeping the radio section on-line , I remember one time we were both dragged over the coals by the Skipper because he could see the rest of the South Atlantic squadron but could not speak to them on HF, you sent me to explain to him skip distance? As he was an old Gunnery Officer my words falling on deaf ears were beyond a joke, he complained his tranny radio could get better World Service than the Ships Receivers and kicked me out of his cabin, thanks ship mate rest in peace.
Also remember the Old Man calling HMS Bristolís Comms team over to check us out? All they did was screw up more by knocking the FSA of line and tripping the whole Comms section, and Bristolís Team concluded we were top line for an old war horse.
Steve Akers
Sad sad news,rest in peace shippers,
George n Julie Proud

Am daughter of John Prior, ex-HMS Danae (Comms branch). Remember Buster very well, a lovely man, who me and my sister thought the world of. So very sorry to hear this sad news, my thoughts are very much with Anne, Rachel and Alex.

Corrina Lockhart.

Buster was my opposite number comms senior rate on the Danae from coming out of refit.  Great bloke, I lost touch with him which was a shame as we got on really well.  Stanavforlant early 82 was a great proving ground for both of us and and many a good run ashore was had.  Very fond memories thanks Buster and RIP

Ian 'Randy' Randscombe

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