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John Charles Joselin


Crossed the Bar 24th June 2006

Joe Joselin served aboard Danae as a Petty Officer Marine Engineer Mechanic between the years 1978 to 1983.

Ray Lester PO(M) Danae1980 - 1983

I remember Joe as a man who loved to laugh and he thought me and the others were all mad (in a good way), even so he still loved to join in as the photo's on the Sod' Opera Page show him as one of the 'sugar plum fairies' in peace, from a friend and shipmate to a good man

Bob McIntyre CPO (WE) Danae 1979 - 1984

My memories of Joe are as a quiet, easy going, gentle man...............May he rest in peace.

Steve Lewis CHOPS(M) Danae 1985 - 1988

As an ex-Danae Boy, my Sincere Condolences to John's family for their loss.

John 'Badger' Brookes  Danae 1980-1982

Joe was my boiler room petty officer when I was a baby stoker. A lovely man, a great boss and a true professional. Condolences to his family.


Steven Hannath  MEA2 Danae 1980 - 82
I agree with the sentiments of all, Joe was a real nice genuine guy, and my sincere condolences to his family

Tony 'Moggy' Mogg Stoker HMS Arethusa 1985 - 1987

Joe was my POME of the watch on the Arethusa. A good man one of the old school a pleasure to have known him.

For a few words of  Tribute from shipmates
Beautiful Ship!! Fatherland hear our prayers to You
From your humble servants Beneath the surface of
the sea!, Yes, our humble prayer Cervantes in the sea.

Thank you
Sharl Vladimir
Command Master Chief Petty Officer

I was doing my unit ticket and asked the boiler room for more steam only for Joe to leave the boiler room, descend into the engine room, and grasp me round the neck and put in my place as a lowly acting POMEA.

May he rest in peace and send my condolences to his family.

Pete Ogburn APOMEA (ML)



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