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Phil 'Danny' Kaye



Crossed The Bar 26th August 2008

HMS Danae !984 to 1988

It is my sad duty to report the Death of Phil Kaye on Tuesday this week.  He served aboard the Fighting 47 86-88 ish as an AB(S) and will be well missed by the Danae Boy’s of the same period.  He left the Mob last October and joined the RAN early this year.  Talking to his wife, Linda, yesterday she informed me that he played football in the afternoon and then she picked him up and took him home.  It was there that he spoke about a pulled muscle in his chest.  He then said that he felt sick and that was pretty much it.  By the time he arrived at A&E his brain had already been severely starved of oxygen and that along with 8 resuscitations would have seen to it that he remained a vegetable had he survived.  He fell into a coma and sadly passed away on Tuesday.

The world will be such a poorer place without this fantastic Guy. 

Steve Lewis



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