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Thursday, 24. May 2018 21:42
Thank you for stopping by my site. Here you can leave your mark.
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John (Scouse) Carroll  
West Kirby
Wednesday, 21. December 2011 11:46  Write a comment Send E-mail

Served 1970-72. Do you remember the morning after running aground when the Jimmy had the ship's company on the flight deck running from side to side to try to get us off that bloody big rock?

David Parry:
Yep lt/cdr O Calaghan??? Tom Moultrie was the duty R/O on the bridge .... me safe and sound in the Hot Lips bar lol what recall!!!
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Robbie (Jock) Chtristie  
Tuesday, 20. December 2011 17:43  Write a comment Send E-mail

Served as a WEM(R)1971-1973 far east and Med trip when we ran aground off Hong Kong in the China staits.Had three great years of fun serving on board a fantastic ship.
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Polo Minter  
Tampa, Florida, U.S.A.
Monday, 12. December 2011 21:27  Write a comment Send E-mail

Excellent website.
Been a civy for almost 12 years.
Never thought I would say this but right now I would rather at Portland, during a BOST, on the FX at 4am
You dont realize how good those days were until they are gone.
For all of you who know me, thank you for the memories, good and bad.
If I had a bell I would ring it, and buy you all a wet.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all for 2011
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Mike Smith  
Tuesday, 8. November 2011 22:06  Write a comment Send E-mail

Found the Danae website by accident. Was on Danae from 72-74. Did the Far East tour but missed the rest after that as ended up in Haslar with an infection I picked up on the way home (no not that type of
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scouse Paton  
Saturday, 5. November 2011 20:58  Write a comment Send E-mail

Great to see so many old name and think of old danae dits.
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to site  
to site
Saturday, 8. October 2011 22:23  Write a comment

Beautiful site!

Tim Cox:
I was on Danae 1975-77 myself and Roy Delaney were both on the radio and radar sections as maintainers. Anybody out there remember us? What was the name of the 2 POGI's Derek ??? & Nick ??? at that time?
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Jennifer Naylor  
RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus
Wednesday, 31. August 2011 20:11  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hi I wonder if you can help me. I am the secretary of the Akrotiri Saddle Club at RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus. We were clearing out our club house for re-painting and I came across a few old ships crests and thought I would take them home to clean them up before we rehang them. One of them is this one for HMS Danae. As I started to clean it I have found out it is solid brass. Would any of you have any idea how it got to our saddle club (which started in 1968)? Also what are the original colours as I notice your crest has a black background but this is red, also the castle was painted over white but as I have started to clean it it looks as though it was brass underneath with black picking out the detail.I have asked on our groups facebook page to see if any of the old and the bold can shed light and I hope your members can help also. Many thanks, Jenny Naylor

Angela Mead:
Hi Jenny my name is Angela Mead I was a member of your Saddle Club in 1979 as my dad was in the RAF and he and I were members I would love to hear how the club is doing and the horses thats if they are still alive like Blue Jeans as I was his Groom which I did have my name down by his name on the bard that was in the club house, hopefully you and I could become penpals as I also attended St Johns School Episkopi which was a great school many great memories of Riding Club and the School unfortunately I do not know anything about the ships crest hope one day you wiil find out.
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Trevor Howitt  
Monday, 8. August 2011 19:31  Write a comment

Nice site..Served on the F47 81-82, a blast from the past recognised a few names from my time

Trevor Howitt:
Whoops memories failing me, it was 82-83 and I was in 3EA as a pinkie..
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Steve 'George' Pullen  
Friday, 5. August 2011 00:45  Write a comment Send E-mail

Served 87 to 91 , great laughs on the fighting 47
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william lee rutter  
weston super mare
Tuesday, 14. June 2011 17:09  Write a comment Send E-mail

hello my name is william lee rutter im 13 a sea cadet and my grandad is william ernest rutter or ginge bill rutter he was a cpo he is 70 this july he served on hms sirius danae ajax rooke drake raliegh he is currently the securtery of the royal navy assocation liverpool we are haveing a party at his club on 090711 im looking for old ship mates who served with my grandad to come to his birthday or to send messages for also looking for photos of mates or the ships he served on or memrabilia to make his day the best the navy is and will allways be his life as it will be mine please hellp me make my mission a sucsess thank you.i know he served with jim ohara but dont know how to get this message to him.
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