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Saturday, 21. April 2018 11:13
Thank you for stopping by my site. Here you can leave your mark.
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John Oliver (Olly)  
The beach, Brazil
Monday, 9. May 2011 06:43  Write a comment Send E-mail

I was stunned to see so many old shipmates passing through this site, It's strange how we dig up the past. Best to you all. I was telling an old sea story just yesterday about Pony More and here he is on this site. You dont get any closer.
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Tony (Robbie ) Robertson  
Saturday, 7. May 2011 16:06  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hi I joined as a JMEM in 1989 till it was sold remember a few old names Adi (george ) Blakey MAx Maxwell , George Peebles Slim Picken had great time and would like to say what a great ship and time i had on it.
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adrian blakey  
Saturday, 12. February 2011 14:10  Write a comment Send E-mail

Was my first draft in 89 and with her till she decommissioned.
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Ray Lester  
Wednesday, 9. February 2011 00:05  Write a comment Send E-mail

testing 12345 54321
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Barry Bonham  
Sunday, 23. May 2010 22:03  Write a comment Send E-mail

Joined in 1971 as a junior seaman and left in 1976 as able seaman. Radar and helicopter controller. Would love to get back in touch with John Oliver and Tom Bunce. This site is great and brings back very happy memories. I was lucky to do all my time on this ship.

David Batty:
Hi Barry, I read your message this morning before work, then I spoke to Tommy Bunce at work, he was pleasantly surprised when I mentioned your name. I will pass your email address on to him later today so he can contact you. I hope you are still using the Onetel email address.

David Batty
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Steve "Pony" Moore  
Hemel Hempstead
Thursday, 22. April 2010 07:58  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hi everyone
just found the site,not much of a computer person still learning.Good to see so many shipmates still around
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John Carroll  
West Kirby
Wednesday, 21. April 2010 10:42  Write a comment Send E-mail

Looks like I missed a good one - that's what I get for having a hernia operation when I should be on a good run ashore. Only two weeks more recovery though and I'll be ship-shape and Brizzle fashion. Best wishes to Ray, Jack Frost, Pud, Mitch, etc.

Scouse 70/72
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dutchy holland  
Wednesday, 14. April 2010 18:28  Write a comment Send E-mail

Thanks Ray and Julia for a fantastic weekend havent really come down yet.
looking forward to the next
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Dave Howse aka H  
Wednesday, 14. April 2010 16:38  Write a comment Send E-mail

Too one & all. I served on the Danae from 84-86, 3MS Mess. Wondered if there were any of my old oppos floating about. It was defintely the best ships company I served with !!! I am now in Blackpool,if anyone would like too come up it would be great too see you. Give me a call. All the best H the Legend.
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Terry Robert Coupe  
Torranova, Mallorca, Spain
Wednesday, 14. April 2010 16:13  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hi All,
It looks like the weekend went well, I must try to get to the next one. Getting ready for the "season" so I'm being kept busy.
To all the guys that know me!
Yuors Aye
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