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Thursday, 24. May 2018 21:43
Thank you for stopping by my site. Here you can leave your mark.
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kevin batchelor  
hitchin, hertfordshire
Wednesday, 14. April 2010 12:04  Write a comment Send E-mail

good afternoon to all of those that served on danae.
My name is Kevin Batchelor and i am the OiC of hitchin sea cadets [ the other unit named after HMS danae.]
we as a unit are 70 years old next year and are looking to both make and maintain contact with all who served on the ship. We are also looking to borrow or have electronically any photos of the ship whilst she was in service.
we will be marking the 70 years at events next year and of course I will keep you informed.
regards to you all
PO[scc] k. Batchelor}
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John 'Bill' Bailey (CPOWEA)  
Darwen, Lancs
Thursday, 11. March 2010 13:55  Write a comment Send E-mail

Just spent the last few hours (when I should be working) going through the site. I servered mid to late eighties. joined as a PO and left as a Chief. Saw Bob McIntyres section - Photos showed a lot of familiar faces. I took over from Bob (quite daunting for a young PO straight from Mechs course) But he helped me no end, to which I was very grateful. 'Soapy' Watson too! Happy Days. Find me on Facebook and Friends reunited.
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sid creasey  
Thursday, 28. January 2010 23:19  Write a comment Send E-mail

Brilliant will definitely be up for a renunion remember a few taff thomas RO and jim speakman as well as long john baldry the years come flooding back. I served from 1972 to 1975

Sid Creasey Jro(t) when i joined

Steve Hale:
Hi Sid

I was on from December 1975 (joined in Southampton) and left just before the westlant deployment 1977. I wwas part of a band with Mal Haddon and JC Hodges...from what I remember you used to like the odd run ashore. And you had a bit of a conflict of views with Tansy Lee! na,mes that also spring to mind...Steve Tones, Eric Ambler, Dave Allport...Taff Thomas...and my sea dad (and townie) ,Buck Taylor. Had a full set that Brian Blessed would be proud of.

What you up to these days?

sid Creasey:
Hi Steve, sorry you had to wait for a reply but with busy not got back to blog, I was just looking through the crew members, and a few names jolted the old memory and made me laugh!! I am down in Cardiff now, settled down for the third time lol, in the building game now used to be a detective in the met, then a PI for channel 4 and ITN and BBC, lived in the US for a while and enjoy my golf now
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Terry Hughes (spike)  
Thursday, 28. January 2010 01:51  Write a comment Send E-mail

Served between 1984 and 1987 ish.. Remember the falklands trip of the mid 80's very well,, being QM for most of it seeing all the lads come back from lets say (memorable) nights out on the lash... especially Chile (Talcahuano) and then Ecuador (Guayaquil).. well those of us that made it out in Guayaquil that werent on stoppage after a certain American football game in Chile...........
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Jack Frost  
Friday, 25. December 2009 09:31  Write a comment

Hi to all of the ex crews. A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you all

Nobby Halls:
I remember joing Danae in the Sychelles when she was on her way back from the far east. 1974 just after the Cyprus crisis. I played hockey on the day I arrived and made new friends. The ship was badly infested with cockroaches and had to be fumigated in Guzz. I remember that there had been a boating accident and some people were killed but it wasnt spoken about. We stopped in Cape Town and I did shore patrol in a posh hotel residents bar under the direction of a PO chef. We had to buy our own railway tickets to cape town as the ship was in simonstown. In Gibralter on the way back there was a squadron tug of war which went wrong and people got injured (broken bones) when the winners let go and the shackel on the end of the rope took them out. I also remember a big brave sailor and his royal marine chum ganging up on me during a run ashore in Hull. I think they didnt like me because I was an apprentice.
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Buck Rodgers  
Friday, 18. December 2009 12:36  Write a comment Send E-mail

Very merry Christmas to the Danae shipmates I served with and the other fine bunch I met at this years reunions!!
Buck Rodgers Ex LMEM(L)

Bomber Mills Ex LS(EW):
Hi, are you the Buck Rodgers that served onboard 84/85/86ish? I served 84-87 - if you're the Buck I know we lived in a flat with a Stoker called Kipper during a refit about 85/6, it was in the sheds in Guz at the time, flat was in Moleworth Street just off the Strip - had a great time, many hours in Boobs etc and then staggered home you always had a girl with you I never did - too ugly - best wishes even if you're the wrong person - only found the site today is great
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The Med !
Friday, 18. December 2009 10:01  Write a comment Send E-mail

Merry Christmas to all the guys who served on the Fighting 47 .
Sounds a great idea to have a reunion in Gib ,if whoever arranges it wants a hand drop me a line I'm close to the location .
Hope to hear from some of you guys soon ,
Regards ,
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Richard Binch  
London (but soon Sydney!)
Wednesday, 25. November 2009 16:05  Write a comment Send E-mail

served 1987 to 1989. great site - not sure what drew me here but so glad I found it. The Falklands pictures reminded me of how crap (and red) my beard was too!
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Steve "Hoss" Novell  
Atlanta Georgia USA
Thursday, 12. November 2009 04:36  Write a comment Send E-mail

HMS Danae was a grand ship and a great crew. Your old shipmates from the USS Taylor FFG 50 (STANAVFORLANT 87) still talk about all those good times we shared when we gather. Wish all of you the best, and happy holidays this season...

Splice the Main Brace!

Steve "Hoss" Novell
USS Taylor (OPS)

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Saturday, 3. October 2009 18:56  Write a comment

hello all my old Danae shipmates from 84 - 87. It was good to see you all had a fantastic time at the latest reunion in Bristol.It looks like a lot of effort had gone in to making the event very special. Sorry I couldn't be with you but some of us have to work nights you know !!!!!! Hopefully I will see you all again soon. Nice to see Bad Ass still looks mean and moody and as usual half cut. I assume the photo was taken early in the evening if Guzz was anything to go by!Take care fellas and hope to catch up soon. P.s the reunion in Gib sounds like a top idea Dicky......
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