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Ray Lester
Dicky Davies


2009 Plymouth Reunion Saturday March 21st 2009

HMS Drake

Organised by Dicky Davies

In all a great weekend that started with a 'warm up' in the Two Trees on Union Strazza, which almost didn't happen as the doors of the pub didn't open until 1930, Dan Beer and a few others had arrived at 1900 and became concerned as this was the only meeting place mentioned, those of us that were adrift (having had a few tasters at the Hotel) were unaware but soon got into the swing of things. The evening was full of chin wagging and excessive supping which continued on and into another watering hole know as "Flares". This den of iniquity was vacated at the respectable hour of 03 dubs.

Saturday was recovery time and more punishment from the evil alcoholic beverage in one form or another, further aggravated by the adrenalin rush from some hard fought armchair rugby support of the finals of the 6 nations tournament.

Saturday evening was the main event an extremely successful occasion that enabled some old friendships rekindled after some 25 years and new friendships formed, for many it was a case of putting a name / voice to a face. Again the chin wagging and supping was plentiful and some even through a wicked welly on the dance floor. An auction for a HMS Danae T shirt raised a very healthy sum of 115 in favour of the 'Help for Heroes' .......... Well bone Phil Bridge......... the nosebag was particularly good and enjoyed by all. Steve Lewis lead the toast to absent friends, we can only hope the list stays short..........a big Bravo Zulu to Dicky Davies who's efforts made this reunion happen. I for one thank you Dicky...... I would have thanked you at the end of the night, but I was out of my tree by last orders.......... also the new Ships Lifebelt Cover that you produced (photo above) is fantastic, it is a tribute to you and is a great statue to adorn the entrance to any future HMS Danae Reunion.

Sunday after missing call the hands by a good few fathoms, then gallons of strong black coffee the return to civilisation began................ roll on the next one..............



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