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   April 22nd - 24th 2011

Wash Up

Firstly thank you for the phone calls texts & emails thanking me, but as I said without you all attending it doesn't happen, so please accept my thanks for being there for what was a fantastic weekend and a great run ashore.
After arriving at the airport on Friday even though at one point we were not sure if we were actually going to get on the ground. It was like being in a movie, we couldn't see much out of the windows because of the smog, but as we were about to touch down there was a roar from the engines and we were pinned to the back of our seats as the aircraft screamed skywards. After a few minutes the Pilot's voice came over the tannoy and apologised for the aborted landing saying he had a problem with his indicators or something and that we would try again shortly, his assurances that all will be fine did not help Dave Wilson's eyes retract to their sockets or the blood to return to his knuckles.... and there was still a few hours before Shearer's Bar would be open to give us any calming fluids.

The DTS - Shearer's Bar was fairly quiet but buzzing with chin wagging as shipmates arrived throughout the afternoon, it was a lovely drop of beer in an excellent clean modern bar and the beer was not as expensive as I thought it would be. It got to a point where common sense was starting to take a back seat, until it came to the fore whereupon it was obvious that big eats, shower and  return to hotel to prepare for the evening was the order of the day.

The Friday Evening - The Fosse, what can I say about the Fosse ? Wow bit of a shocker but I enjoyed it very much, On arrival we walked into was was already a lively bar partial full with local natives, one of these natives, which I'm sure was female, flung what felt like arms around me and a few other shocked shipmates in turn, and made strange noises which took me a little time to realise was speech in a welcoming manor. Having got close to the bar a pint appear in my hand which I was very cruel to and sank almost in one. Getting into conversation and another pint and suddenly this horrendous noise scared the crap out of me, almost choking on my beer I manage to blurt out WTF. I was later to discover it was music....... We quickly escaped to the lounge bar which was occupied by just one of the the natives who was an elderly gentleman sat quietly alone, it was sometime later it became obvious he was not as shiters as we first thought, but was indeed Blind, I'll say no more on that as some members thought there luck was in but he was in fact feeling his way to the bar........ Chin wagging and laughter was a plenty and extreme amounts of alcoholic beverage was being consumed, until a sudden un-warned 2230 bar closure was upon us, this was slightly annoying as it meant that we were all crowding for fast blacks at the same time, some were getting 'carry outs' and others were risking a run ashore in unknown territory. There is not a good deal more that I could say that would be of any sense to anyone else as I got back onboard at 0530 ...... don't ask.
The Saturday Evening - The Magpie Suite. what an absolutely brilliant place. The one draw back was the price of drink, and it was mentioned a few times BUT.......... after most had arrived the management invited those that wanted to to a guided tour of the Stadium, St James Park is an awesome place and those that had the tour thoroughly enjoyed it. The evening got underway and the now traditional Monkeys Shoulder routine again donated and organised by Dave McMahan made an impressive 90, which will go to 'Help for Heroes' ......The Buffet was First class in its presentation content and taste and dutiful attempts to consume was undertaken by all present, thankfully they didn't manage it all and there was a few crusts left for me ..... Joe D'souza did a magnificent job selling the raffle tickets for what was a slightly different raffle than previous years in so much as apart from the usual, and as always well stocked booze raffle we had a separate prize raffle for a 22" all singing all dancing flat screen TV,...... not sure who won it as I bloody missed it chatting in the heads, anyway very well done to you...... One very nice bottle of Glenrothes Whiskey donated by Dave McMahan was held back from the raffle and was auctioned, and an immediate meagre bid of 15 by yours truly was very quickly squashed by a fervent bidding war between shipmates Dave Wilson for Yarmouth and Andy 'Buck' Rodgers of the Danae, the hammer dropped at a final bid of 195 from Buck. However as the proceeds are for a good cause and the bottle was either going to be consumed on the night or kept for the next one Dave Wilson insisted on paying half ..... a massive BRAVO ZULU to you both ......... the raffle and auction raised 650 over seared by our resident compare George Hubbard ....... a few more sheckles were donated in an attempt to raise more to round it up to 700 so as yet I am not sure of the final total as most of it is in the Safe up there at NUFC and will be banked after the Bank Holiday....... a Bravo Zulu goes out to Trev Roberts who was responsible for the arranging of the Buffet and entertainment on the night and without whom the venue of St James Park would not have been possible......... my only other concern for the whole weekend was someone had replaced Sootie with a Human Being (well as close as you could get to one in Sootie's case). He was able to hold a conversation buy a round of drinks and didn't upset one single person, honest I'm not lying. I think it was because he had a sad on cos his Pink suit no longer fits him.

Thank you ALL for making it a very successful weekend


Ray Lester Neil Owen Mitch




'Timeant Daneios'

'Let them fear those belonging to Danae'


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